Sterile Processing Technician (8367)

Sterile Processing Technician (8367)

Students acquire knowledge of sterile processes and clean, disinfect, and distribute sterilized instruments and equipment in health-care facilities. Student instruction focuses on work in a sterile processing department and central service location, working as a team to maintain sterilization and storage, learning about microbiology and infection control, and apply principles and practices of sterile processing and decontamination. Upon completion, students will be able to take the international certification for sterile processing technicians.Students will complete a 400-hour externship, which requires 200 hours’ completion by high school graduation and 200 hours’ completion within six months of earning a provisional certification. Note: Following completion of the additional 200 hours, full certification is obtained.

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Recommended prerequisite(s): 

Duration: 36 weeks

Suggested Grade Level: 11 or 12

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