Surgical Technologist II (8352)

Surgical Technologist II (8352)

This high-school-extended course offers classroom instruction and clinical training in selected approved health care facilities under the direction of an approved educator. Students practice surgical procedures and aseptic techniques, including patient preparation and handling of materials and surgical instruments at the surgical field. Upon successful completion of the program, students qualify to take the national certification exam for surgical technologists.

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Note: Although this course is classified as a 36-week course, circumstances usually dictate that it be accomplished within a four-month period on a full-time basis.  This course has specific state laws and regulations from a governing medical board or agency. Please contact the Virginia Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education prior to implementing this course. All inquiries may be sent to

Recommended prerequisite(s): Surgical Technologist II (8351)

Duration: 36 weeks

Suggested Grade Level: 12 or 13

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