Sports Medicine I (7660/8316)

Sports Medicine I (7660/8316)

In this course, students earn a certification in First Aid/CPR/AED. The course introduces students to topics such as human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, medical terminology, injuries and illnesses, and legal and ethical issues in sports medicine. Students also examine prospective careers in the sports medicine field. Upon successful completion of this course, students are eligible to take Sports Medicine II and pursue certification as a personal trainer.

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Recommended prerequisite(s): Introduction to Health and Medical Sciences (8302)

Duration: 36 weeks @ 140 Hrs (7660) & 36 weeks @ 280 Hrs (8316)

Suggested Grade Level: 11 or 12


36 weeks @ 140 Hrs (7660) Competencies

36 weeks @ 280 Hrs (8316) Competencies

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