Healthcare Information Security (8339)

Healthcare Information Security (8339) This course is designed to provide students in the healthcare setting with knowledge of the basic Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

Emergency Medical Telecommunications (8337)

Emergency Medical Telecommunications (8337) Emergency Medical Telecommunications is designed to provide the beginning telecommunicator with an understanding of situations encountered in an emergency communications environment.

Respiratory Therapy II (8373)

Respiratory Therapy II (8373) Students will develop a scientific understanding of the biological and technical factors involved in respiratory therapy. Emphasis will be placed on

Respiratory Therapy I (8372)

Respiratory Therapy I (8372) Students acquire basic knowledge of the respiratory therapy field, with a focus on the role and importance of respiratory therapy in

Surgical Technologist II (8352)

Surgical Technologist II (8352) This high-school-extended course offers classroom instruction and clinical training in selected approved health care facilities under the direction of an approved

Surgical Technologist I (8351)

Surgical Technologist I (8351) Students acquire knowledge and assisting-level skills to function in association with licensed nurses and surgeons/physicians, providing the best possible care of

Medical Laboratory Technology II (8378)

Medical Laboratory Technology II (8378) Students will build on the foundational knowledge and skills obtained in Medical Laboratory Technology I. The students will use the

Medical Laboratory Technology I (8377)

Medical Laboratory Technology I (8377) In Medical Laboratory Technology I, students gain foundational knowledge and skills appropriate for a variety of medical-related career paths in