Emergency Medical Technician I (8333)

Emergency Medical Technician I (8333) The tasks for this course represent the National and Virginia Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educational Standards. Students explore and apply

Emergency Medical Responder (8336)

Emergency Medical Responder (8336) The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course prepares the EMR student to provide immediate life-saving interventions for patients of all ages while

Dental Careers II (8329)

Dental Careers II (8329) Units of study include medical emergencies, coronal polishing, oral pathology, dental roentgenology, nutrition, schedule IV drugs and pharmacology, and advanced laboratory

Dental Careers I (8328)

Dental Careers I (8328) Students are introduced to the careers in dentistry, including dentist (general and specialists), hygienist, dental assistant, dental laboratory technician, and dental

Biomedical Technician (8347)

Biomedical Technician (8347) In Biomedical Technician, students gain foundational knowledge and skills appropriate for a variety of medical-related career paths in the field of biotechnology.