Surgical Technologist II (8352)

Surgical Technologist II (8352) This high-school-extended course offers classroom instruction and clinical training in selected approved health care facilities under the direction of an approved

Surgical Technologist I (8351)

Surgical Technologist I (8351) Students acquire knowledge and assisting-level skills to function in association with licensed nurses and surgeons/physicians, providing the best possible care of

Health Informatics (8338)

Health Informatics (8338) Students will have the opportunity to explore the importance of safeguarding electronic healthcare information. Students will be introduced to the various technologies

Medical Assistant II (8346)

Medical Assistant I (8345) Students apply and implement medical-assisting skills and techniques learned in Medical Assistant I. They also learn management of health records; cardiopulmonary

Medical Assistant I (8345)

Medical Assistant I (8345) Students gain foundational knowledge in basic anatomy and physiology, medical ethics, medical asepsis, terminology, medical mathematics, and legal responsibilities. Students also

Patient Care Technician (8303)

Patient Care Technician (8303) Offered as an occupational course after the completion of Nurse Aide at the 12th-grade level, Patient Care Technician emphasizes the study

Medical Terminology (8382 / 8384)

Medical Terminology (8382 / 8384) Medical Terminology is designed to help students learn common medical terms essential for patient care. Topics are presented in logical

Medical Laboratory Technology II (8378)

Medical Laboratory Technology II (8378) Students will build on the foundational knowledge and skills obtained in Medical Laboratory Technology I. The students will use the

Medical Laboratory Technology I (8377)

Medical Laboratory Technology I (8377) In Medical Laboratory Technology I, students gain foundational knowledge and skills appropriate for a variety of medical-related career paths in

Pharmacy Technician II (8306)

Pharmacy Technician II (8306) This certificate program is designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge to begin work as a pharmacy technician.